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What contract marketing is and what it can do for your brand

So, as marketers, we know content is created to tell a story, which is why for the right business or brand, developing your own print magazine as part of your marketing strategy offers a unique way to solidify your relationship with your audience while building brand equity. Here at Red Flag Media, our focus is on building your brand and helping you deliver on your marketing strategy through contract publishing.

But, what can contract marketing do for my brand?

It builds brand loyalty

Creating a custom publication can give your customers the opportunity to explore. Use it as a gift for your existing clients, or as an introduction to a new audience. It builds trust and allows the customer to connect with your brand, which in turn keeps them coming back for more.

It will get noticed

In a world of digital noise, receiving a piece of printed material captures your attention. A beautifully crafted, visually appealing magazine stands out from the crowd and keeps your brand at the forefront of the customers' mind. With our in-house design and production team, we can handle the editorial and content delivery from initial flat planning right through to design and print management.

It lasts

In the digital world, a social media post with your latest piece of content will last around 24 hours… if that! A printed publication can last a lifetime. Use it to showcase everything that’s great about your brand. It will then last as a permanent reminder.

It educates

Printed collateral is the perfect solution to educate your audience on what your brand is about. Brands often find it difficult to illustrate exactly what they do. If your business attracts a niche audience, or even if it has several products, getting all that information across can be a hard task, particularly when the majority of your customers lead business lifestyles and their time is limited. Using a printed magazine gives you plenty of time and space to really tell your story.


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