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The results were better than I had hoped for.

I worked with Andy and the Red Flag Media Media group to launch a very successful member/community magazine - Vistage VQ.


Andy helped me refine the initial concept, including a couple of visual concept layouts. He and his team helped me refine the brief - they improved it and were consistent in delivering something that reflected our target market.


We built a publishing plan that included:

  • full publishing calendar

  • an issue briefing template used to plan each issue

  • a production calendar and plan for each issue

  • a review and approval process

  • a simple fulfilment and delivery process


The process was very effective and we published a high-quality, quarterly magazine. The results were better than I had hoped for.


The feedback from our community was not only positive, by the third issue we had members of the community queuing up to be profiled or interviewed in the magazine.


We also grew our sponsors and advertisers with the help of Red Flag's advice.


The production and review process was very effective, and impressed not only staff directly involved in the project, but also those interviewed for the issues. Editorial and design was very strong, with very little re-work being requested during reviews and edits.


The magazine was so successful, that Vistage organisations around the world took the concept and started their own publications using the model (eg. Vistage VQ became Vistage Perspectives in the USA). The magazine became a key differentiator for Vistage, and was used by Chairs as a value-add in recruiting new members. It’s content was also re-purposed in different ways to generate further ROI for Vistage.


Steve Gilroy. Vistage Chair

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During my time as a senior director for one of the world’s largest real estate firms, Red Flag Media helped me and my board plan and execute a magazine of the highest quality to promote a new Waterfront offering across the UK.


They were a pleasure to deal with and delivered a beautiful publication on time and on budget, which helped us launch this new team, and more importantly properly promote our clients' coastal and riverside properties.

Jonathan Cunliffe. Director of Residential. Savills

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I have been working with Red Flag Media since they set up in business in Porthleven and launched Cornwall Living in 2012.


They are a great team and I have seen them grow their business successfully. I approached them about producing a magazine for us in 2014 and whilst the people I have worked with and who work on it have changed over the years, their commitment to producing a quality and cost-effective product on time for us has always been consistent.


Their processes and systems and quality of output have only improved over the years. We’ve this week just launched the 10th edition of our magazine with them, starting our 4th year of working on that project. It’s something that works well for us and for which we get a good return. 


We continue to work together to improve what we do and how we do it and they are a pleasure to work with.

I am particularly grateful to Andy Forster and Hannah Tapping who make it all work for us.

Jackie Dawes. Senior Marketing Manager. Helpful Holidays

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We have worked with Red Flag Media on several occasions and especially the work with Dogs Love Cornwall and Kids Love Cornwall.


We have always found them to be an excellent partner with joint planning, them going the extra mile to meet demanding deadlines and working closely with us on content and editor aspects. 


In essence they work in a manner that is co-creation and are sensitive to the needs and nuances of our world, to ensure not only a high quality product but also one that we are very proud of.

Malcolm Bell. Chief Executive. Visit Cornwall

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I thought you may like to see what some of the Chairs have written about the VQ magazine (I asked for their current top line views):


When VQ Magazine was produced initially I thought it was a complete & utter waste of a good budget that could have been spent more wisely on member recruitment directly. How great it is to say to you & the team that produce the current offering that it is seen by my members very positively & in many instances is circulated within their businesses. It adds value to the existing members & is commented upon at meetings, it is a great way to keep in touch with Alumni & provide them with something really worthwhile, & from a prospecting perspective the practical themes of the Magazine show us in a very good light when sharing with individuals we hope will join us in the near future. 


Very useful for me as a chair. I get useful tips/reviews/ideas/resources that I can use in 121s and group meetings. I use it in preference to the general brochure to leave with prospect candidates. Members need to be reminded constantly of the existence of VQ and of the value of the content. I therefore promote it regularly.


I am a convert! I used to regard the magazine as of questionable value, but I find the new format very professional and with high quality, relevant content. I am proud to give it to members and to prospects since I think it showcases our community very well. I also think it is much more practical than some of the competition e.g. Management Today and the IoD's Director magazine so fits well with our 'hands-on' approach. Well done to you and the team.


I couldn't agree more with previous comments. My members think the new VQ is excellent. They contribute to it, read it and circulate it in their businesses.



Couldn't agree more and members don't half love it when they are featured !


Geoff Lawrence. General Manager. Vistage International (UK) Ltd

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