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READ • WATCH • EXPERIENCE is a unique methodology that takes a reader on a journey from print, via online platforms, across digital applications and onto social media. In short, this methodology turns readers into browsers, browsers into viewers and viewers into digital subscribers and social media followers.


For our clients, we create content that reaches higher numbers of the right audience by delivering their message through the Read Watch Experience model. This generates a better response and ultimately increases the clients return on investment.


The more people you speak to, across multiple platforms, the more likely you are to generate
significant response for clients.

Today, more than ever, effectively delivering creative stories to audiences are key to a businesses marketing strategy. It’s critical in today’s marketplace to pierce the cloud of media saturation and deliver content that engages customers across multiple platforms and inspires action.


At Red Flag Media we’ve developed a number of distribution methods across multiple media platforms, that when brought together into one unique delivery model, generates our clients the best possible response by delivering their story through our Read Watch Experience methodology..

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