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Are you really ready for a redesign?

So, let’s say you’re considering a redesign your business website, and you know you'll need to partner with a great web design agency in order to get that done. But are you ready to make that phone call yet?

If you’ve decided that your website needs a redesign, there’s usually some sort of obvious symptom or pain point that you’ve identified. After all, people don’t spend the time and money associated with your typical, months-long website redesign project just for the fun of it, right?

Whether the appearance needs a face-lift, the technology is painful to use or the content needs updating, something has probably led you to the conclusion that you need a web design agency to fix your problem.

But before you hire an agency -- even us -- you need to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases and carefully considered what it is that you really need. Because, while there are a lot of good reasons to give your website a makeover, there are also a lot of bad ones, too. 

“I Just Don’t Like Our Website Anymore...”

One of the biggest “issues” that people cite with their website is simply, “I don’t like it anymore.”

Designers and developers at agencies are visual problem solvers, so, unfortunately, this kind of “blank check” statement gives them almost nothing to go on.

It’s merely a personal, subjective opinion that you have as someone who likely views the website every single day. But what do your customers think?

As the most important users of your website, are your customers satisfied with what it offers them?

Why You Should Redesign Your Website? With that out of the way, there are some very good reasons why your website may need a redesign. Here are three of the strongest:

  • Your site doesn’t provide value to visitors;

  • Your site doesn’t accommodate mobile users or isn’t responsive; or

  • Your site looks outdated and outmoded.

Another good reason is having a new strategy or new business objectives that include clearly defined goals for your website. So if your company is moving in a different direction or introducing a brand new product, it’s worthwhile to consider who your business will be targeting and how your website will contribute to those objectives.

Ultimately, Your Website Isn’t About You You may not want to hear this, but your opinion matters very little when it comes to a redesign.

Your website should be first and foremost about your users. It needs to be designed in a way that your users are familiar with: the way they consume media and the way that they’re going to buy your products and services. Everything is about the user, and as soon as you start thinking that way, a lot of decisions about the redesign will be a lot easier to make.

Neither should your website be a sales brochure. It shouldn’t be about directly telling users what you can do. Instead, it should be focused around solving their problems and understanding their journey and what they need.

Your website is the only salesperson that works on your behalf 24/7 - it’s selling, answering questions and making connections even when you’re not. The more time and money you invest in it, the more value you’ll get out of it.

This stage is all about figuring out that sweet spot that balances your objectives, as well as the resources you’re willing to invest, from the standpoint of both cost and effort.

For help on how to manage and balance your needs with your budget and resources, we're here to help, and will always work towards finding a way to deliver you a maximum return on your investment.

For a chat about your site, or whether you would simply like to discuss your marketing needs, you can email us at or call us on 01326 574842.


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