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4 reasons why brochures are an important tool for selling your products and services ?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

There’s now a strong belief that our digitally driven world of marketing is leaving our audiences feeling drained. Businesses are screaming and some are even stalking potential customers in the fight to be heard. And, that’s where we need to give our audience a break; we need to stop flashing our products and services in front of their tired eyes.

Our digitally driven world of marketing is leaving our audiences feeling drained

Now, you can’t deny the absolute importance of digital marketing; but it has led to fierce competition. It has becoming tougher to gain our customers’ attention as they turn away from their screens or choose other brands with bigger digital spending power and a team of content creators that would put most publishers to shame.

It’s in cases such as these that a brochure turns out to be a fantastic tool in your marketing kit.

Not convinced? Here’s a sample of statistics from Bentley University that help us all answer the question, “Are brochures still relevant?”

  1. 7 out of 10 tourists, including visitors, tend to pick up brochures

  2. 95% visitors that obtain brochures become aware of a business

  3. 80% of people consider visiting the business they saw in brochures

While these statistics show that brochures are more than simply a novelty in our digital world, they do leave us with one more question… “how effective are brochures?”.

Here are our top 4 reasons you should probably be considering a brochure.

01. They're budget-friendly

Startups and SMEs are hardly well known for huge budgets dedicated to marketing.

They need to distribute their marketing and branding efforts on a tight budget.

By working with a professional design and marketing business, it is possible to create budget-friendly brochures, and by tapping into their purchasing power, they’re likely to be able to find more cost-effective ways for you to get them printed.

02. They offer focused & consistent branding

If an ad is out of sight for a period of time, it won’t take long before it’s out of mind. That’s as true in the digital marketing sphere as it is in the printed sphere. But a brochure provides a longer duration of exposure to your brand message, in turn giving a longer duration for the customer to remember and respond.

Potential purchasers get to take ownership of your message and take it with them, helping your customer to better recall your name and establishing brand identity and understanding. They’re carrying with them all the information that advertises your business, products or services. And, it does it diligently and with a focused approach across a number of pages.

03. They reach your target audiences

A marketing brochure delivered to your target prospects hardly gets unnoticed. Its potential is unrivaled. Think of the takeaway menus we all collect (it’s just another form of brochure really). This tangible marketing material suddenly becomes valuable during a customers decision period, a vital time frame to make sure your business is at the forefront of their mind.

04. They're truly descriptive

Let me ask you a question… Can you fully differentiate your business from a similar business using recommended social media post lengths? If you’re not surer what they are, here’s a great guide.

While digital platforms are great places to garner requests for brochures, the brochure itself gives more space to describe your company, products and services, explain features and deliver valuable, customer focused benefits.

If you’d like to know more about how a brochure can, within a budget, help your business find new customers, then we’d love to help.

Simply drop us a message to and we’ll get straight back to you.

In the meantime, here’s a little something to think about when creating the plan for your new brochure.

Your brochure – the components

a) Headline:

When designing a brochure you should pay careful consideration to the headlines. Make sure your headlines supports your customer benefits. The headline given at a brochure’s top third of the front panel is of great importance. In case it fails to catch the reader’s attention, the entire brochure will fail to interest the reader.

b) Subheadings:The use of subtitle provides the support to question or interest that the main headline stirs up. It draws the readers in and also acts as a break between the headline and the body copy. It makes it easier for the readers to read the brochure easily for the information that will help them to buy.

c) Body Copy:The descriptive text added in the body copy should create a visual image of the product or service. It should also contain action words to generate excitement. The copy should be persuasive enough to encourage the reader for an action. Highlight key factors, features and most importantly benefits.


Brochures are budget-friendly marketing tools that reach your target audience in a number of ways. They work as a real marketing ad, imparting credibility and highlighting your businesses nuanced aspects and benefits.


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