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How to refresh your 2019 marketing strategy for you historic attraction

Effective, fruitful marketing campaigns are those that build strong relationships that leave a lasting impression on the audience. It's key for historic heritage attractions to create a positive impression on their audience so that their first visit turns in to a second visit, or a recommendation to a friend. Creating a strong marketing strategy that helps you to win over an audience can be very tricky, so here are our top tips to help create that marketing magic to wow your audience.

Make it real

Visitors LOVE authenticity. Nowadays, visitors want to be told a story. They want to be part of the history and to become immersed in a sensory experience. Visitors want to get involved! See what you can do to create an interactive experience for your visitors. This doesn’t have to mean installing state of the art machines or creating an augmented reality display, it can simply mean including music, recordings or video to your exhibits. Perhaps you can include actors to bring the story to life. Visual aids can really help to tell the story to help educate your audience.

Know your audience

Understanding your audience is key to giving them what they want. Getting an understanding of the types of people that visit your attraction can be hard to pin point, create a customer feedback survey to find out more. You can do these online or via a printed leaflet on arrival. Try offering participants the chance to win something if they complete the form in order to get them to complete it. Social media is also a great way to collect this kind of information. By checking the analytics reporting you can get a good idea of the user demographic that is engaging with your content.

Give them what they want

Don’t forget that each visitor is different. Not everyone is online, not everyone reads books. It’s important to make sure you execute your campaigns across a range of different channels in order to engage with the right audiences. Don’t be broad. Think about exactly who you want to target with each individual campaign and think about the types of channels that particular group of people engage most with. Remember to keep it consistent: no matter how many channels you use, the brand and the message needs to stay the same, therefore making your brand more recognisable to your audience.