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4 marketing trends for art galleries in 2019

With 2019 just around the corner it's time for a spring clean to refresh your marketing campaigns and see what new and exciting elements you can introduce to further your marketing and generate some excellent brand exposure! Here are our top suggestions best suited to your art gallery marketing campaigns.

Going live

From your business Facebook and Instagram pages you can now ‘go live’! This feature streams a live video straight from your phone to your audience and it’s a great way to increase your social engagement. We recommend putting together a 2019 live plan so that you don’t forget to regularly utilise the feature. At the beginning of this year, Facebook updated their algorithm, which means businesses like you and me are less likely to feature on the feeds of our audiences. This is because the new algorithm favours personal friend content as opposed to business content, so you may have already noticed a decrease in your social analytics. However, you can combat this by running a Facebook Live. By going ‘live’ some of your followers will receive an automatic notification to tell them you are live, encouraging them to watch your feed. It is also a great way to get users to engage with your content. A live feed encourages users to comment and ask questions whilst you are on air. It also lets you post the video once you're done, so if you didn’t get many people watching, they’re likely to watch the recorded video later on.

Use interactive content

This can be anything from a persona survey to a poll or question and answer. Twitter has a really useful poll feature, which allows you to ask your audience to vote on their favourites. It also displays the percentage of votes to the voter after they have voted. Perhaps run one of these to ask your audience which artists' work they would like to see in your gallery? This is another great way to collect user feedback!

Influencer marketing

And I don’t mean contacting A-list celebrities to visit your gallery! Influencer marketing can mean asking another brand or blogger to feature your work. Asking another brand to advertise your gallery event, product or offer is a good way to get your attraction across to new audiences and drive new engagement to your page. Make sure you pick likeminded accounts or users with plenty of followers to get the most out of your money.


Virtual reality is still relatively new, but it’s taking over! It’s a great way to really immerse your audience in your displays. It's worth looking into investing in this and including it in your next strategy! Perhaps using VR could be a new way to display your art?